COVID-19 Policy

As recommended by the World Health Organization and Health Canada, MeleKare is implementing an increase in our sanitation procedures.  The common surfaces such as counters, debit machines, door handles, automatic door openers, light switches, keyboards, phones, and mouses, will be wiped often with a disinfectant that will reduce exposure to possible virus transfer.  Our staff has also been practicing the hand washing techniques recommended by Health Canada.

Our delivery system for within city limits will proceed as expected, with extra measures to reduce exposure.  Where possible, we will follow the recommended distance between delivery driver and customer.  We will contact the customer to arrange delivery, and the delivery will be set upon the doorstep.  We will attempt to reduce exposure by using gloves, and changing the gloves between deliveries.

Our delivery outside of city limits access courier service using primarily CanPar and Loomis.  Please see their respective website regarding their policies during this Coronavirus outbreak.

If any employee exhibits any viral symptom, we will mitigate the exposure to the virus by staying home, and getting tested as recommended by the Ontario Government and Health Canada.  Only upon a negative test will the employee be able to return to work after they have recovered.  Likewise, if a positive test for the Coronavirus occurs, the recommended quarantine time for the employee will be followed.

If the entire staff of MeleKare is subjected to quarantine, the business will be closed until the quarantine is over.  We will attempt to notify any customer that has an order pending regarding any closure, and inform them of the situation and delay of their order.  Please check our website and Facebook page often for updates.

If any customer is sick or exhibiting viral symptoms, we ask that they please refrain from physically visiting the store.  Please contact us through telephone, by voice or text, through email, or through Facebook Messenger to place an order or ask a question.

We accept orders by text, telephone, email, Facebook Messenger and through our online web ordering site.  We also accept payment of debit, Visa, Mastercard and E-transfer to mitigate exposure.  We will accept cash if that is the only option.  We will use protective measure when handling cash such as washing our hands immediately afterwards, or using gloves for the transaction.

Please expect a possible delay in receiving your order due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  We will attempt to process any order in as timely manner as possible.


At this time due to the Covid-19 transmission risk, MeleKare will not be accepting any returns of any kind.  Please make sure of the size and product before placing an order.  If you need any clarification on product please contact us.